COVID is a nasty cough, a snotty nose, a super congested head. COVID is a sore throat and a hoarse voice.

COVID is a headache, sinus pressure, facial pain, a dry mouth. COVID is dizziness, fatigue, chills, aches.

COVID is loss of taste and smell. COVID is an upset stomach and loss of appetite. COVID is night sweats and sleeping sitting up.

COVID is long days and even longer nights. COVID is splashing water on your face because it’s too hard to stand in the shower. COVID is having to sit down to brush your teeth.

COVID is checking your temperature and oxygen levels. COVID is taking steroids and albuterol on top of all your other asthma medicines.

COVID is not moving for fear of starting to cough, because once you start you can’t stop and it hurts your chest, your back, your lungs.

COVID is sitting on the floor past bedtime because you just finished your nebulizer for the fifth time today and you’re too exhausted to get up.

COVID is wanting to break down in tears but fighting them off because you know that’s only going to upset your lungs more and start another coughing fit.

COVID is starting another coughing fit anyway – a violent one that rattles your bones and hurts your abs.

COVID is real.

I know it’s ruined your weddings, your parties, your family gatherings. It’s ruined your trips, your plans, your holidays. It’s “ruined your life.”

Is COVID like this for everyone? No. But it’s also worse for some. And if I could keep one person from feeling the way I do, I would.


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