I’ve dreaded turning 30 for years. It just seems so old, you know? Like how have I made it to this point?

It’s hard for me to believe college was so long ago, cheerleading was so long ago, my wedding was so long ago, and so much more.

I think turning 30 always seemed like I was leaving behind the best times of my life, because my twenties certainly were fantastic.

I found myself and my best friends. I lived in New York City for a bit. I placed top five at NCA College Nationals – twice. I graduated college with two degrees. I lived at the beach for a while. I managed a boutique. I got married and saw many wonderful friends get married. I moved to PA. We bought a house and got a dog. I tried new professions. I made new friends. I ran my first 5K and then two 10Ks. We bought a better house. We took a cool trip out west. We had a baby. And these are just some of the highlights.

It wasn’t until we had a baby that I started to embrace turning the big 3-0. Sure, my twenties were really great, but maybe my thirties will be even better.

So here’s to more love, more laughter, and more traveling. Here’s to turning our house into the home we want. Here’s to more good times with friends. Here’s to best friends having babies and giving Riley lifelong friends. Here’s to watching Riley grow and navigating the highs and lows of motherhood.

Here’s to the 30 and next decade.


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