A Mother Like Mary

Hi! Hello! How is everyone?

It’s been a while. We have a lot to catch up on from the last year. I’ll backtrack later but for now, let’s talk about Christmas and my baby girl.

Every Christmas you hear the story of Jesus birth. After all, it is the reason for the season. You know about the angel, Mary and Joseph, no room in the inn, the stable, a manger, the three wise men, the star. It’s a story that is so familiar yet as time passes, I learn more from it and about it.

I always knew Mary gave birth to Jesus. But this is the first year I really understand what that’s like.

No, I’m not comparing my Riley to the Son of God. But for the first time I’m able to understand how Mary felt as a mother.

I have a better sense of what it felt like for her to bring Jesus into this world. And God bless her for not having an epidural. I understand how hard it is to take care of a newborn, but as hard as it is, you love that baby so much your heart could burst.

I think about how Mary had to share Jesus with the world from the get-go and how hard that must have been despite the good news and joyous occasion. It was so nice to be able to keep the secret of our child with my husband, and then our families, and then our friends.

We kept Riley to ourselves for a while after she was born, too, soaking in every moment as a family. If I didn’t want someone to see her or hold her, I could make that call. I could selfishly hold onto her and never let go. Mary didn’t have that option.

Everyone wants the best for their child. And while Mary knew Jesus future, I bet she never could have been prepared for the way his life played out.

Every conception is a miracle, every baby is a gift from God. Motherhood is hard but so rewarding. I want to be the kind of mother Mary was, and having Riley has changed my Christmas entirely.

Glory to God in the highest. Thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, and thank you for our wonderful baby we get to snuggle on her very first Christmas.


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