Every Vote Counts

I voted for hope.

I voted for love.

I voted for unity.

I voted for science.

I voted for equality.

I voted for women’s rights.

I voted for the environment.

I voted for the future of our children.

I voted for getting a grip on this worldwide health crisis.

I voted against hate.

I voted against racism.

I voted against sexism.

I voted against homophobia.

I voted against transphobia.

I voted against white supremacy.

I voted against lies and hypocrisy.

I voted against conspiracy theories.

Every vote counts, and every vote needs counted. I hope you’re at peace with the decision you made.

What I’ve learned from this election is that America has a long way to go. It seems like we take one step forward then several steps back. I’m hoping this time we can look ahead and keep moving ahead.

It’s been a long week. My heart hurts to see how close of an election this has been. But my prayer is that we can do better – as individuals, as families, as a community, and as a nation as a whole.


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